Rope-working Tools

Rope-working Tools

The Swedish and wooden fids, and marline spikes to help with splicing stranded rope, the hollow fids and other tools for braided rope. Please don't ask us to do braided splices I've tried and tried and just can't do it! The splices and other ropework we can offer is listed here.

  • Sewing Palms Sewing Palms

    We stock 3 grades, Standard, Heavy and Best, in 2 varieties, namely roping and seaming. The principal difference in the types is the arrangement of the anvil. On a seaming palm, there are many small indents for pushing smaller needles, whereas on a roping palm there are fewer larger indents for larger needles.

  • Serving Tools Serving Tools

    Serving is still used to protect wire rope, or the thing round which the wire is looped. These serving mallets have been designed to work see for example the swelling at the base of the handle which stops the serving twine riding up and should last a lifetime. Made in the UK with Oak Heads and Ash handles.

  • Knives Knives

    Starting off here with the very popular and handy range of Opinel knives. The blade is carbon steel and holds a good edge.

  • Swedish Fids Swedish Fids

  • Wooden Fids Wooden Fids

  • Marlinspikes Marlinspikes