A selection of riggers, ropeworkers and sailmakers tools - many of which came about as a result of taking over the shop side of Footrope Knots.It is an area we are likely to expand in future.

  • Sailmaking Tools Sailmaking Tools

    Sewing kit and other bits for all those jobs on the boat which you would never dream of doing at home.

  • Needles Needles

    Listing 4 types here, the traditional sailmaker's needles, curved packing needles, netting needles and the Speedy Stitcher which is a sort of all-in-one awl. So as in so many areas of this site, here are the tools do do the job in just the way you want.

  • Rope-working Tools Rope-working Tools

    The Swedish and wooden fids, and marline spikes to help with splicing stranded rope, the hollow fids and other tools for braided rope. Please don't ask us to do braided splices I've tried and tried and just can't do it! The splices and other ropework we can offer is listed here.

  • Rove Punch Rove Punch

    Makes lighter work of fixing Roves & Copper Nails