Synthetic Rope

Synthetic Rope

A good selection of ropes made from modern materials, with modern performance, but which look old. For an overview of rope, perhaps this note may help.

  • Webbing Webbing

    This white inch-wide webbing is usually used for sail ties or for strapping buoyancy bags in. Allow about 3ft or 1 metre for either application.

  • Polyester Braided Buff Polyester Braided Buff

    A good example of ancient meeting modern - this stuff looks old, but works as well as any soft braided rope.

  • Polyester 3-Strand Buff Polyester 3-Strand Buff

    A really good rope. It stretches less and lasts longer than natural fibre and/or polypropylene ropes. It also splices beautifully.

  • Dyneema Cruising Buff Dyneema Cruising Buff

    The main idea here is to provide a lower weight, lower stretch option for braid-on-braid polyester. Detailed comparisons are shown in this article.

  • Hempex 3-strand Hempex 3-strand

    Looks almost identical to hemp and being made from polypropylene, has superior wearing capabilities and strength. This soft handling rope is ideal for decking, gardening & children's play projects. Ultimately breaks down outside due to UV light.

  • Hempex braided Hempex braided

    Hempex braided lines are multi-purpose ropes with excellent handling properties and all the benefits of modern, synthetic fibre.

  • Pre-Stretched poyester 8 plate Pre-Stretched poyester 8 plate