Small Stuff

Small Stuff

This is the generic name for ropes and twines of less than 6mm diameter, of varying construction, and made from both synthetic and natural fibres. 3,4 & 5mm Polyester rope is available in the synthetic rope section.

  • Cotton Twines and Cords Cotton Twines and Cords

    Strong twines for ship modelling, and in the food industry for tying up meats and poultry. Also widely used for bell ropes and other decorative ropework such as woggles (not often you get to use that word!). If you like cotton it's worth looking in the 'natural fibre' rope section for the bigger stuff.

  • Hemp & Flax twines Hemp & Flax twines

    Used in a wide range of industries. Perfect for use in practical and decorative ropework where natural fibres are required, and popular in other areas such as jewellery making. Due to the sturdy nature of twine, is it also used frequently by gardeners. Hemp and flax are nearly indistinguishable.

  • Synthetic Whipping twines Synthetic Whipping twines

    Polyester and nylon whipping twines for use where the properties of man-made fibres are required or preferred.

  • Colourline Colourline

    Cored (except orange & navy and all 1.5 mm) multifilament with strong colours in 1.5 mm to 4 mm and and softer tones in 1.4 mm all with no fleck, so ideal for decorative ropework, for example bell ropes, dog leads, bag handles, toys and draw cords.

  • Hempex braided Hempex braided

    Hempex braided lines are multi-purpose ropes with excellent handling properties and all the benefits of modern, synthetic fibre.