There can't be many places in the world which offer as many types of rope as we do.We range from Hi-tech rope for racing boats to natural fibre yarns for decorative ropework.

  • Natural Fibre Rope Natural Fibre Rope

    A varied selection of natural fibre ropes, occasionally used in boats, but often for non-marine uses. Unlike synthetic ropes, the nature of the material means that the ropes do vary from batch to batch. They all rot over time, so need to be checked if used outside. If you need a rope to look completely natural but last a lot longer, have a look at our selection of synthetic ropes.

  • Small Stuff Small Stuff

    This is the generic name for ropes and twines of less than 6mm diameter, of varying construction, and made from both synthetic and natural fibres. 3,4 & 5mm Polyester rope is available in the synthetic rope section.

  • Synthetic Rope Synthetic Rope

    A good selection of ropes made from modern materials, with modern performance, but which look old. For an overview of rope, perhaps this note may help.