Apart from the bronze rigging thimbles, these are at the less exciting end of things too.

  • Bullseyes - Lignum Vitae Bullseyes - Lignum Vitae

    It was pointed out to me by a Dane, that they call parrel beads bullseyes, because that is what they look like. And now you come to mention it

  • Round Brass Thimbles Round Brass Thimbles


  • Stainless Heart Thimbles Stainless Heart Thimbles


  • Bronze Rigging Thimbles Bronze Rigging Thimbles

    Solid bronze thimbles. Made to British Standard 464 (1958) design. Dimension refers to width of groove for wire or rope.

  • Bullseyes - Aluminium Bullseyes - Aluminium

    Very hard and light, these work very well with both polyester and Dyneema ropes. Click on 'Large view' for more dimensions.

  • Bullseyes - Tufnol Bullseyes - Tufnol

    Thought we would re-introduce these, both in their own right and as part of fairleads