Hull Plates

Hull Plates

Or chainplates, shroud plates, bowsprit plates; call them what you will. As well as the standard items listed here, we can make these to customer's specifications in steel or bronze.

  • Chainplates Chainplates

    Please note that Gunmetal chainplates are supplied without fastener holes. The nominal dimension is the overall length.

  • Bowsprit Plates Bowsprit Plates

    Useful for bowsprit shrouds, and sometimes use on small craft for the forestay. However, if you do that, don't also use the eye to heave the boat onto a trailer. You will peel the fitting off the boat and/or break it - and there is always someone watching. Please note that Gunmetal bowsprit plates are supplied without fastener holes.The nominal dimension is the overall length.

  • Bobstay fittings Bobstay fittings

    Strong castings designed to be let into the stem and bolted through the stemhead.