Backstay Equipment

Backstay Equipment

Here we list forestay and runner levers and the associated blocks. To see how these might be combined in a backstay, this note may help.

  • Backstay Levers Backstay Levers

    We list the Highfield pattern. These are great if you have the deck space to fit them, and are sure that they cannot be accidentally tripped when under load. They can fly up with some considerable force.

  • Runner Deck Blocks Runner Deck Blocks

    These sit flat on the deck, with an open throat into which the wire can be inserted. This gives you plenty of slack, to enable the running backstay to be taken forward when not in use.

  • Runner Upright Blocks Runner Upright Blocks

    These bolt directly to the deck, leading the backstay from the lever to the mast. The wire can be inserted by removal of the clevis pin holding the sheave in place.

  • Tufnol Wire Rope Blocks Tufnol Wire Rope Blocks

    Since these are almost always used in running backstay systems, it seemed appropriate to include them here.