Standing Rigging

Standing Rigging

From backstay levers to wire rope, the equipment is here to keep the rig standing.

  • Hull Plates Hull Plates

    Or chainplates, shroud plates, bowsprit plates; call them what you will. As well as the standard items listed here, we can make these to customer's specifications in steel or bronze.

  • Simple Shackles Simple Shackles

    Bronze, galvanised and stainless - D, Long D, Bow (or Harp) and twist. The dimension description of each shackle refers to the diameter of the material in the 'body' of the shackle.

  • Backstay Equipment Backstay Equipment

    Here we list forestay and runner levers and the associated blocks. To see how these might be combined in a backstay, this note may help.

  • Thimbles Thimbles

    Apart from the bronze rigging thimbles, these are at the less exciting end of things too.

  • Rigging Screws Rigging Screws

    or bottle screws, straining screws or turnbuckles. For an overview of standing rigging, perhaps this note may help.

  • Mastbands & Cranse Irons Mastbands & Cranse Irons

    Off the shelf mastbands. The bronze ones are OK up to about 1 ton (4mm 1x19 stainless wire)and the galvanised about 1.5 tons. Warning - any craft over about 20 ft, these are unlikely to be strong enough as cranse irons.

  • Snap Shackles & Clips Snap Shackles & Clips

    Three types of traditional brass snap shackles