Running Rigging

Running Rigging

The equipment like cleats, track, furling gear and winches which you need for controlling the sails

  • Sheet Leads Sheet Leads

    These are leads for running rigging. If it is fairleads for mooring line you need, try here

  • Bronze Deck Track & Slides Bronze Deck Track & Slides

    Handsome is as handsome does

  • Furling Gear Furling Gear

    Wykeham-Martin furling gear looks like - indeed is - a relic from the 19th century. But it works. here

  • Mast Hoops Mast Hoops

    Traditional ash or galvanised steel. The dimension quoted is the inner diameter, so you need 1 or 2 inches clearance.

  • Horses Horses

    You can specify a horse (or traveler in US English) link.

  • Sail Track and Slides Sail Track and Slides

    Useful not only for mainmast track, but also for clew outhauls, and hatch slides