Running Rigging, Standing Rigging, Blocks and Winches.

  • Standing Rigging Standing Rigging

    From backstay levers to wire rope, the equipment is here to keep the rig standing.

  • Blocks Blocks

    Blocks in ash, elm, bronze & tufnol. For some thoughts on how to work with blocks and rope, see here.

  • Running Rigging Running Rigging

    The equipment like cleats, track, furling gear and winches which you need for controlling the sails

  • Cleats and Belay Pins Cleats and Belay Pins

    A good range here, but how big should they be? Try this as a start point:Main mooring cleats, 3 to 4% of boat lengthSpring cleats - 2 to 3% of boat length Halyard cleats 15 to 20 times the rope diameter Jamming cleats (any type) the right size for the line used.

  • Winches Winches

    A good selection of bronze winches here, shortly to be joined by another popular range. For a winch selection guide see here