From our stocks of brass, bronze and copper, plate strip and rod. All waterproofing equipment is in this section, as well as rubber for seals and leather for ... well, whatever you like.

  • Keelband Keelband

    The brass convex keelband is also often used for rubbing or anti-chafing strips. SOLD PER FOOT.

  • Bronze Bronze

    The type we keep, and use for most of our own fabrications, is PB102, a 5% tin bronze. It is about as strong as mild steel, Bronze is supplied factory finish. Please e-mail if cut lengths are required.

  • Brass rod Brass rod


  • Copper rod Copper rod

    We stock the round bar for people wishing to rivet fittings, or structural parts of the boat. Call or e-mail for cut lengths. Priced per metre.

  • Rubber Rubber

    This is stocked mainly for re-sealing portlights. SOLD PER METRE.

  • Leather Leather

    We stock an untanned hide - sort of brown paper colour - which when wetted can be stitched into place. It is not the grey "chrome" leather used in sailing gloves, more like shoe leather. When selecting the quantity you can have as little or as much as you like within the normal hide size of 5ft x 4ft