Boom & Spar Fittings

Boom & Spar Fittings

Made in bronze, stainless and galvanised steel and available in a variety of sizes for use in goosenecks, as part of a gaff saddle, as a staysail boom end or whatever. We can also make up special castings or fabrications to suit your requirements.

  • Spinnaker Fittings Spinnaker Fittings


  • Bronze Spar Ends Bronze Spar Ends

    Designed to be cut into round spars with hemispherical ends. They can accommodate some taper in the spar. The nominal dimension is the outside diameter of the spar. If you have a rectangular section spar, please contact us.

  • Stainless Spar Ends Stainless Spar Ends

    Since we make these up in house, we can easily accommodate changes in dimension or style to suit your requirements. The basic type is shown here.

  • Boom Fittings Boom Fittings

    Bespoke boom end name plates available on request.