Mast & Spar Fittings

Mast & Spar Fittings

Goosenecks, gaff saddles etc... To have an item made to your specification see 'Custom Work & Specials' Below.

  • Sail Track and Slides Sail Track and Slides

    Useful not only for mainmast track, but also for clew outhauls, and hatch slides

  • Travellers Travellers

    Let's not get confused here(!). Traveller in UK English is a ring-like thing which goes along the bowsprit or mast. Traveler in US English is a horse in UK English! What we are talking about here are things which move along a mast or bowsprit.

  • Jaws Jaws

    I am usually unimpressed with the stick two bits of wood on the side of the gaff/gunter yard approach when it comes to locating it. This is mainly because we see too many of them broken. So we offer jaws in bronze.

  • Mastbands & Cranse Irons Mastbands & Cranse Irons

    Off the shelf mastbands. The bronze ones are OK up to about 1 ton. Warning - any craft over about 20 ft, these are unlikely to be strong enough as cranse irons.

  • Gaff Saddles Gaff Saddles

    We offer a number of different types of saddle, so before you start it may help to review this note on saddles.

  • Gooseneck Bands Gooseneck Bands

    Perhaps one of the most extensive ranges available anywhere - and if you need extra features, we can add those too.

  • Boom & Spar Fittings Boom & Spar Fittings

    Made in bronze, stainless and galvanised steel and available in a variety of sizes for use in goosenecks, as part of a gaff saddle, as a staysail boom end or whatever. We can also make up special castings or fabrications to suit your requirements.

  • Gunter Saddles Gunter Saddles

    Use these where the yard needs to lie right up against the mast. You may also want to consider jaws - often used on smaller craft.note

  • Saddle Bolts and Loops Saddle Bolts and Loops

    These are the connecting parts for attaching saddles to gaffs where it is not possible to include a stirrup type attachment for the throat halyard. This is typically the case with high peak and gunter saddles.

  • Saddle Bolts, Stirrup & Loops Saddle Bolts, Stirrup & Loops

    These are the halyard stirrup, sail attachment loop, and connecting bolt for a low peak gaffs. The throat halyard is attached to where the yard attaches to the saddle to ensure that adjusting the peak halyard doesn't alter the tension in the luff of the sail.

  • Gaff related hardware Gaff related hardware

    Well, parrel beads and span shackles aren't used in many other places.

  • Tack & Hook Fittings Tack & Hook Fittings

    A combined fitting for both the tack of the sail, and for reefing pennants.