Rudder Gear

Rudder Gear

The "normal" arrangement is that the upper rudder strap is a pintle, the lower strap a gudgeon, the upper transom fitting therefore a gudgeon, and the lower transom fitting a pintle. here For rudder gear selection and dimensions.

  • Series 1 Rudder Straps Series 1 Rudder Straps

    The series 1 range is geared toward craft of up to about 12 foot in length. We usually use 10 mm diameter pins

  • Series 2 Rudder Straps Series 2 Rudder Straps

    This range seems to suit craft from 10 to 20 feet length, depending on the weight. The normal size of pin is 10 mm, but you can upgrade to 12 mm.

  • Series 3 Rudder Straps Series 3 Rudder Straps

    Usually applicable to craft between 16 and 25 feet in length, the standard pin diameter being 12 mm, but again you can upgrade to 16 mm

  • Series 4 Rudder Straps Series 4 Rudder Straps

    For craft up to about 35 foot. The standard pin diameter being 19 mm, but again you can upgrade to 22 mm. Beyond the range shown, we can make whatever is required.

  • Series 1 Transom Fittings Series 1 Transom Fittings

    Match the series 1 rudder straps. As well as the conventional pintle and gudgeon, we also offer the 3-hole pintle shown here, which looks well on a narrowing transom.

  • Series 2 Transom Fittings Series 2 Transom Fittings

    The vertical fitting shown here - almost always a gudgeon to avoid obstructing the fasteners - is for double enders. For these craft the arrangement is usually two gudgeons on the hull, and two pintles on the rudder.

  • Series 3 Transom Fittings Series 3 Transom Fittings

    These match the series 3 rudder straps. The example shown is what we refer to as a "4-hole" pintle, generally seen fitted as the lower of the two transom fittings.

  • Series 4 Transom Fittings Series 4 Transom Fittings

    You have probably got the hang of it by now, but these match the Series 4 rudder straps.

  • Rudder Pivots & Upgrade Pins Rudder Pivots & Upgrade Pins

    If you would prefer heavier than standard pins in the pintles, you can do so for Series 2, 3 and 4 rudder gear.