Or oarlocks or crutches for traditional rowing boats.

  • Traditional Rowlocks Traditional Rowlocks

    Traditional Rowlocks/Oarlocks/Crutches for classic rowing boats.

  • Folding Rowlocks Folding Rowlocks

    Verging on the realm of gizmos, but these two patterns have stood the test of time.

  • Rowlock Top Sockets Rowlock Top Sockets

    Top sockets for rowlocks.

  • Rowlock Side Sockets Rowlock Side Sockets


  • Oar Clamps Oar Clamps

    If you think people might borrow your oars on a semi-permanent basis, you could use this oar clamp to secure them to the thwart. That will make the whole boat worth nicking.

  • Galvanised Rowlocks Galvanised Rowlocks