Portlights, rudder gear and stanchions for traditional vessels, and anything else that goes on the hull of the boat.

  • Brass Letters & Numbers Brass Letters & Numbers

    As you can see, a serif typeface, with provision for screwing to a back board. The letters and numbers are supplied polished, but not lacquered. Please remember to tell us which letters you need. You can do this in the comments box at checkout. Lead time on these is 2-3 weeks. We can also make bespoke boat names and boom end plates on request.

  • Bronze Star Bronze Star

    A star on board gives positive energy. It can make good things better and stop bad things getting worse. This Davey bronze star is hand cast and finished to a full shine with a central fixing hole so that it can be secured to any part of the boat.

  • Buoyancy Bags Buoyancy Bags

    If you are not sure about how much buoyancy to install in a small boat, this here may help. CREWSAVER HAVE DISCONTINUED ALL THEIR BOW BAGS. WE ARE TRYING TO SOURCE AN ALTERNATIVE BUT AT PRESENT WE CAN ONLY SUPPLY PILLOW BAGS.

  • Drains Drains

    To let water in and out of the boat in a controlled fashion (!).

  • Navigation and Anchor lights Navigation and Anchor lights

    Navigation and anchor lights for safe smooth sailing.

  • Bilge Pumps Bilge Pumps

    As you would expect, a fine range of brass pumps for bilge and galley. All of these take " hose, and have a rated capacity of 10-12 litres per minute - about 2 gallons. Now how that relates to person in a panic with a bucket, I simply don't know, but these are handsome additions to any craft

  • Rowlocks Rowlocks

    Or oarlocks or crutches for traditional rowing boats.

  • Rudder Gear Rudder Gear

    The "normal" arrangement is that the upper rudder strap is a pintle, the lower strap a gudgeon, the upper transom fitting therefore a gudgeon, and the lower transom fitting a pintle. here For rudder gear selection and dimensions.

  • Centreboard Gear Centreboard Gear

    All Made in-house so can be made to measure. 3/4" screws included, we can supply 1/2" alternative on request.

  • Portlights & Deadlights Portlights & Deadlights

    Our range of traditional windows for the hull of your classic vessel from Davey & Co. Portlights can be opened, Deadlights can't. In Bronze, Brass and also available in chrome on request. The nominal sizes refer to the Size of the the glass.

  • Stemhead Fittings Stemhead Fittings

    We sell a range of stemhead fittings in bronze.

  • Davey Mast Light. Davey Mast Light.

    A new development of this classic light now means that it can be wired directly to 110/220v AC. Ideal for larger vessels where mains voltage is often installed or for smaller boats linked to shore power. Also suitable for pontoons and shore side lighting, avoiding the need to fit a transformer. 12v/24v DC supply versions available as before. Cast in bronze with a choice of finishes or in anodised aluminium. The base of the light is angled up 10 degrees to aid the throw of light and a hinged glazed door with a seal is fitted. Back gasket also included. Rated IPX5 ALSO AVAIABLE IN 24V, E-MAIL FOR DETAILS.