Nails, Roves and Tacks

Nails, Roves and Tacks

In copper and bronze and brass.

  • Copper Boat Nails Copper Boat Nails

    These are the flat countersunk, square shank variety, measured across the flat, not the diagonal. For nail sizes and pilot holes see here. For 14g to 10g the 'Rove Punch' might be

  • Copper Roves Copper Roves

    We are often asked for special tools for driving the rove down the nail. For most applications, anything that works will do - I use a suitably sized socket spanner. For 14g to 10g the 'Rove Punch' might be handy.Sold each.

  • Panel Pins Panel Pins

    Brass - solid, not plated - 16g or 1.6mm diameter. Priced by the 100.

  • Gripfast Nails Gripfast Nails

    Also known as ringshank nails, these are made from silicon bronze. For nail sizes and pilot holes see See click here. We sell singly. Oh and by the way - don't use these in an application where you may want to get them out again!

  • Copper Tacks Copper Tacks

    I can't think of anything to say about copper tacks, when you need them you need them. Priced per 100.

  • Rove Punch - 'Set & Snap' Rove Punch - 'Set & Snap'

    Forged Steel Rove Punch to make lighter work of a long