Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws, Nails etc...

  • Bronze Fasteners Bronze Fasteners

    The range listed is in imperial units (inches), with UNC threads. The large view below shows types of bolts. For thread chart, click here.

  • Nails, Roves and Tacks Nails, Roves and Tacks

    In copper and bronze and brass.

  • Brass Woodscrews Brass Woodscrews

    In imperial sizes, see here for a gauge chart and pilot hole info. Please don't use brass screws for bronze fittings.

  • Bronze Woodscrews Bronze Woodscrews

    Like brass, listed in imperial sizes guaranteed to confuse everybody brought up on the metric system. See click HERE for a gauge chart and pilot hole info. We can source many more sizes than are listed.

  • Brass Screw Cups & Wingnuts Brass Screw Cups & Wingnuts