Hatch & Skylight Equipment

Hatch & Skylight Equipment

This is a selection of the various hinges, catches and locks for hatches, skylights and companionway doors.

  • Hatch Handles Hatch Handles

    This secures the hatch, but doesn't lock it if you see what I mean. Operable from both sides

  • Hatch Fasteners Hatch Fasteners

    Screw-down fasteners for securing hatches and skylights. You may also want to look at toggle catches, though these are generally lighter duty.

  • Telescopic Lifters Telescopic Lifters

    Disappear conveniently up their own *****, but don't provide a terribly positive lock on positon. Won't, for example, resist the downward force of a person sitting on the skylight or hatch in a slightly open position. Best used therefore to keep hatches wide open. We sell these singularly so let us know in the comments box at checkout which hand you require.

  • Lift-off Hinges - Heavy Lift-off Hinges - Heavy

    With an 8 mm pin, these are pretty good for doors and heavy lockers. How to tell left from right? With the hinge open, the countersinks towards you, and the pin upright, if the pin is on the right hand part of the hinge, it is right handed, and vice versa. The dimensions given are width when open and length along the pin. This one is Left Hand.

  • Companionway Hinges Lift-off Companionway Hinges Lift-off

    These hinges are specifically for companionway doors. Please note that there is an offset of about " between the pin baseplate and the rear surface of the hinge strap. You may also want to consider Lift-off Hinges - Heavy for doors.

  • Skylight Openers Skylight Openers

    Suitably positioned, these will tuck away nicely in the closed position. It is nearly impossible to anticipate whether these will fit a particular application until you try, so we don't get offended if they are returned

  • Skylight Lifters Skylight Lifters

    These are fine if there is enough headroom to accommodate the lifting rod in its down position. As with all lifters and openers, fitting one in the centre of each leaf of a skylight is a triumph of hope over experience. Chances are the skylight will crack if someone sits on it

  • Quadrant Stays Quadrant Stays

    Very neat, if the coamings are large enough to accommodate the quadrant. Position so the hinge centre is at the arc centre of the arm.

  • Offset/Cranked Hinges Offset/Cranked Hinges

    The one shown has an overall length of 12" and a pin to pin length of 3". We have made a variety of different sizes, so if this size doesn't fit, get in touch

  • Skylight Hinges Skylight Hinges

    We have made a variety of different sizes, so if these sizes don't fit, get in touch.