Deck Fillers & Plates

Deck Fillers & Plates

The application of each type is explained later.

  • Deck Fillers - hosetail Deck Fillers - hosetail

    If you have a thin deck - say less than " thick, then you can use these hosetail fillers, and still get 2 hose clips on. Any thicker, and you are better off using the BSP fillers, and a connector to fit the hose.

  • Deck Fillers - BSP Deck Fillers - BSP

    Use these for decks thicker than 1" or so, with a connector to fit the hose. That arrangement will mean the top of the hose will be about 2" below the deck level, which should be enough to get hose clips on.

  • Deck Fillers - BSP to Hose Deck Fillers - BSP to Hose

    For use with the BSP deck fillers.

  • Threaded Bronze Deck Plates Threaded Bronze Deck Plates

    Cast in Gunmetal (Bronze) with a polished finish these are ideal to accomodate a fitting that is not always required, such as a stand-up block or bonnet fairlead.

  • Deck Fillers with Handle Deck Fillers with Handle

    Ideal if you always lose your keys or can't find a coin. Available in Chrome on request.

  • Deck Screws Deck Screws

    Cast in gunmetal bronze with a highly polished finish. All come with bronze key. The nominal dimension is the aperture of the hole.