Cleats and Belay Pins

Cleats and Belay Pins

A good range here, but how big should they be? Try this as a start point:Main mooring cleats, 3 to 4% of boat lengthSpring cleats - 2 to 3% of boat length Halyard cleats 15 to 20 times the rope diameter Jamming cleats (any type) the right size for the line used.

  • Davey Bronze Pillar Cleats Davey Bronze Pillar Cleats

  • Davey Bronze Bollard Cleat Davey Bronze Bollard Cleat

  • Bronze Cleat Wide Base Bronze Cleat Wide Base

  • Ash Pillar Cleats Ash Pillar Cleats

  • Teak Pillar Cleat Teak Pillar Cleat

  • Clyde Cleat Staunchions Clyde Cleat Staunchions

  • Horn Cleat Brass Horn Cleat Brass

  • Bronze Belay Pins Bronze Belay Pins

  • Ash Belay Pins Ash Belay Pins

  • Jam Cleat Bronze Jam Cleat Bronze

  • Davey Handed Tube Cleat Davey Handed Tube Cleat

  • Tube cleats Tube cleats

  • Davey Tufnol Cleats Davey Tufnol Cleats

  • Tufnol Camcleat Tufnol Camcleat