Now I reckon most of these are bought by guilty crew members who have just dropped the last one over the side.

  • Double Boathooks Double Boathooks

    It takes all sorts, but I've always found double boathooks a bit less aggressive than their single & spike cousins. You can avert disasters less damagingly - if there is such a word.

  • Single Boathooks Single Boathooks

    On the other hand if you are in pirate country or need to pole out a foresail..

  • Grabit Boathook Grabit Boathook

    The original, and still the best boathook for attaching a line to a mooring buoy or ring. Cast in aluminium bronze, one sweep with the grabit leaves the boat secure; well, maybe two sweeps if you are having a bad day.

  • Staves Staves

    I know these are expensive, but in contrast to dowelling the ash is tough, flexible and with enough varnish/paint, long-lasting. Lengths of up to 12 feet (3.65 m) are available to order.