From boathooks to hatch fittings

  • Anchor Bits Anchor Bits

    We can also fabricate stemhead fittings and anchor stowages in the custom fittings section

  • Boathooks Boathooks

    Now I reckon most of these are bought by guilty crew members who have just dropped the last one over the side.

  • Deck Fillers & Plates Deck Fillers & Plates

    The application of each type is explained later.

  • Decklights Decklights

    It is hard to exaggerate the impact that a prismatic decklight has on the interior of a boat. All dimensions refer to the size of the glass. Replacement glass can be bought seperately on request.

  • Eyebolts & eyeplates Eyebolts & eyeplates

    If anyone can think of anything interesting to say about eyebolts, I'd be glad to hear it.

  • Fairleads Fairleads

    The ones we list in this section are for mooring lines etc. Fairleads for running rigging are listed in here

  • Flagstaff Sockets Flagstaff Sockets

    Or ensign staff sockets if you prefer.

  • Hatch & Skylight Equipment Hatch & Skylight Equipment

    This is a selection of the various hinges, catches and locks for hatches, skylights and companionway doors.

  • Deck Ventilators Deck Ventilators

    Good ventilation will help avoid musty smells, and do much to avoid rot in a wooden boat. We have dome (also known as mushroom vents), shell and cowl vents available.

  • Stanchions and Rails Stanchions and Rails

    From the guardrails which keep you from falling over the side, to rope handrails to hold onto on the stairs.

  • Cleats and Belay Pins Cleats and Belay Pins

    A good range here, but how big should they be? Try this as a start point:Main mooring cleats, 3 to 4% of boat lengthSpring cleats - 2 to 3% of boat length Halyard cleats 15 to 20 times the rope diameter Jamming cleats (any type) the right size for the line used.

  • Winches Winches

    A good selection of bronze winches here, shortly to be joined by another popular range. For a winch selection guide see here

  • Schaefer deck hardware Schaefer deck hardware

    Schaefer manufacturers a wide variety of deck hardware from cam cleats, investment cast padeyes, welded padeyes, stanchions, eyestraps, cleats, chocks and more. We use only the finest aluminum and Stainless Steel available and every piece is engineered to work well and reliably for years of trouble free service.