From boathooks to hatch fittings

  • Anchor Bits Anchor Bits

    We can also fabricate stemhead fittings and anchor stowages in the custom fittings section

  • Boathooks Boathooks

    Now I reckon most of these are bought by guilty crew members who have just dropped the last one over the side.

  • Deck Fillers & Plates Deck Fillers & Plates

    The application of each type is explained later.

  • Decklights Decklights

    It is hard to exaggerate the impact that a prismatic decklight has on the interior of a boat. All dimensions refer to the size of the glass. Replacement glass can be bought seperately on request.

  • Eyebolts & eyeplates Eyebolts & eyeplates

    If anyone can think of anything interesting to say about eyebolts, I'd be glad to hear it.

  • Fairleads Fairleads

    The ones we list in this section are for mooring lines etc. Fairleads for running rigging are listed in here

  • Flagstaff Sockets Flagstaff Sockets

    Or ensign staff sockets if you prefer.

  • Hatch & Skylight Equipment Hatch & Skylight Equipment

    This is a selection of the various hinges, catches and locks for hatches, skylights and companionway doors.

  • Deck Ventilators Deck Ventilators

    Good ventilation will help avoid musty smells, and do much to avoid rot in a wooden boat. We have dome (also known as mushroom vents), shell and cowl vents available.

  • Stanchions and Rails Stanchions and Rails

    From the guardrails which keep you from falling over the side, to rope handrails to hold onto on the stairs.

  • Winches Winches

    A good selection of bronze winches here, shortly to be joined by another popular range. For a winch selection guide see here