Hinges - heavy

Hinges - heavy

All of these are boat-worthy:usually used in the heaviest applications

  • Plain Backflap Hinges Plain Backflap Hinges

    The heaviest of the backflap hinges we stock. The dimensions given are length along the pin, and width when open.

  • Counter Hinges Counter Hinges

    Useful for surfaces like table tops which have to be folded through 180 degrees. The dimensions given are length parallel to the pins, and width when open.

  • Lift-off Hinges - Heavy Lift-off Hinges - Heavy

    With an 8 mm pin, these are pretty good for doors and heavy lockers. How to tell left from right? With the hinge open, the countersinks towards you, and the pin upright, if the pin is on the right hand part of the hinge, it is right handed, and vice versa. The dimensions given are width when open and length along the pin. This one is Left Hand.

  • Companionway Hinges Lift-off Companionway Hinges Lift-off

    These hinges are specifically for companionway doors. Please note that there is an offset of about " between the pin baseplate and the rear surface of the hinge strap. You may also want to consider Lift-off Hinges - Heavy for doors.