Catches - Sole, Table & Hatch

Catches - Sole, Table & Hatch

Yet more catches - these typically being fitted at floor level.

  • Hatch Handles Hatch Handles

    This secures the hatch, but doesn't lock it if you see what I mean. Operable from both sides

  • Rectangular Flush Rings Rectangular Flush Rings

    Like the circular flush rings, the small ones need small fingers

  • Circular Flush Rings Circular Flush Rings

    Attractive, but remarkably fiddly to fit. Also the smaller sizes are suitable only for the smallest fingers

  • Rectangular Flush Rings&Catch Rectangular Flush Rings&Catch

    Quite clever really, the ring operates the latch. Recommended for relatively lightweight applications, though.

  • Spring Loaded & Drop Rings Spring Loaded & Drop Rings

    A neat alternative to the flush rings also featured in this section. They do need a good depth to accommodate them, but they are reasonably robust, and don't trap dirt.

  • Table Leg Screws Table Leg Screws

    I'm not sure these really qualify as catches, but what the hell. Used not only for table legs, but wherever a robust removeable fastener is needed