Cabin Fittings & Lights

Cabin Fittings & Lights

Catches, hinges, locks and lights for the cabin.

  • Bells and Whistles Bells and Whistles

    Which sounded better than a foghorns and a toilet roll holder! For brass letters and numbers click here

  • Lights Lights

    Oil, electric, you name it

  • Door & Drawer Furniture Door & Drawer Furniture

    We use the term lock for something with a key, and latch for something which merely restrains a door, but doesn't lock.

  • Ventilators Ventilators

    for the cabin as opposed to the deck

  • Hinges Hinges

    A large selection for most applications

  • Galley Pumps Galley Pumps

    Pumps, Faucets and service kits

  • Catches Catches

    There are many.

  • Coat Hooks Coat Hooks

  • Fiddle Rails Fiddle Rails

    No matter what they're fitted to, our high quality fiddle rails are guaranteed to stop your "things falling off other things" problems.