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We stock a vast range of traditional fittings, fastenings, lights, rope and materials. We also stock more modern fittings from Schaefer Marine, along with the classic Davey & Co fittings. For custom pieces our workshop can make it for you in bronze, stainless or galvanised steel. If you prefer you can shop by supplier




Featured Products


  • Hull Hull

    Portlights, rudder gear and stanchions for traditional vessels, and anything else that goes on the hull of the boat.

  • Deck Deck

    From boathooks to hatch fittings

  • Mast & Spar Fittings Mast & Spar Fittings

    Goosenecks, gaff saddles etc... To have an item made to your specification see 'Custom Work & Specials' Below.

  • Rigging Rigging

    Running Rigging, Standing Rigging, Blocks and Winches.

  • Cabin Fittings & Lights Cabin Fittings & Lights

    Catches, hinges, locks and lights for the cabin.

  • Rope Rope

    There can't be many places in the world which offer as many types of rope as we do.We range from Hi-tech rope for racing boats to natural fibre yarns for decorative ropework.

  • Fasteners Fasteners

    Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws, Nails etc...

  • Materials Materials

    From our stocks of brass, bronze and copper, plate strip and rod. All waterproofing equipment is in this section, as well as rubber for seals and leather for ... well, whatever you like.

  • Lubricants and polishes Lubricants and polishes

    A miscellany of traditional materials, mostly used in an attempt to keep water out of the boat or its equipment.

  • Epoxy, Glues and Sealants Epoxy, Glues and Sealants

    All the glues and fillers you'll need to smooth out the rough edges of your classic vessel.

  • Blakes, Classic marine toilets Blakes, Classic marine toilets

    The Classic marine toilet. Hand built in the UK by Sea Sure, where only the very best will do. As well as building new toilets we have a special service for clients, where we will repair, rebuild, refurbish or renovate a Blakes of any age, bringing it back looking brand new and ready for another 80 years of service! Contact us for details.

  • Taylor's Parrafin cooker spares Taylor's Parrafin cooker spares

    All the spares you need to repair your marine cooker.

  • Paints and Varnishes Paints and Varnishes

    All the paints, varnishes and fillers to get your classic vessel looking perfect.

  • Books and Publications Books and Publications

    Bunkside reading and practical guides

  • Tools Tools

    A selection of riggers, ropeworkers and sailmakers tools - many of which came about as a result of taking over the shop side of Footrope Knots.It is an area we are likely to expand in future.

  • Boat Jumble & Clearance Boat Jumble & Clearance

    Money for old rope and other short stories. Some ex-stock some secondhand and some as new. ITEMS ARE ALL SINGLES UNLESS STATED.

  • Plans Plans

    A selection of fine boats from Iain Oughtred and Francois Vivier which you can build yourself

  • Custom Work & Special Items Custom Work & Special Items

    We can fabricate most items to your specification in Bronze, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel or Brass.